Q1: Will the Hagforce LightBox work on any guitar?

It works on any guitar that has strings made of metal such as an acoustic guitar with steel strings as well as electric guitars. It will not work on a guitar that has nylon strings.

Q2: How is the Hagforce LightBox mounted on my guitar?

It is fastened via special double sided tape that is pre-mounted on the bottom side of the LightBox. Just remove the protective film from the tape and place the device where you want it!

Q3: Can I install and remove the Hagforce LightBox from my guitar without damaging the guitar?

Yes, the double sided tape under the Hagforce LightBox uses a special adhesive developed by 3M that won't damage the surfaces that it is mounted on.

Q4: Can you explain how a user can modify the Hagforce LightBox display?

The display delivered with the LightBox is a rectangular piece of transparent film mounted in a display holder integrated in the Hagforce LightBox, the default display color is red.

You can easily create your own display by printing any graphics, picture or color(s) on paper or transparent film with your inkjet or laser printer. Once you've printed your custom display you simply cut it to the right size [67mm x 28mm] using a pair of scissors and install it in a few seconds by easily removing and replacing the existing display by hand!

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Available box color, the display can be made in any color...

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